The Science Behind m-HELP

All of the online stress management programs included in the m-HELP initiative have been chosen because they are based in science. Over decades, mental health researchers have discovered tried-and-true approaches that reliably help people to cope with anxiety, stress, and depression. We’ve reviewed hundreds of programs to select ones that incorporate this science.

A Scientific Foundation

The members of the m-HELP Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) have already conducted many scientific studies on the effectiveness of online programs for stress management as well as for the treatment of various behavioral health disorders. They have also published some landmark studies on the precision treatment of mental disorders. This new area of research uses large data sets to develop algorithms for matching subsets of patients with a given disorder—say, depression—with the treatment that is most likely to be helpful—say, a certain antidepressant.

Taken together, these two bodies of research provide the scientific foundation for the m-HELP initiative. Below are some of these papers published by SAB members in leading academic journals in the past few years:

Published Research